Modular, Global and Cost-Effective platform
for Tracking, Monitoring, Remote Control,
Surveillance and Pro-Active Management
of any kind of watercraft

Interact at all time with watercraft, mixed fleet and people either on WebPortal or APP
for real peace of mind and improve efficiency.


Instantly Locate and Track with 36 month history

Maximise coverage with Global, Multi-Carrier SIM.
3 parameters GPS tracking: time – distance – turn.
Pin&Drag, multi-shape, unlimited geofencing.
Multi-map: Navionics, Google, Bing, OpenStreet included.
Multi-Alerts: towing with ignition key control, max speed, geofence, SOS, battery.
Push Text Message, E-Mail and Skype alerts to unlimited accounts.
Customers Automatically Warning by turning onboard horn/light on when they enter geofences or overcome speed limit.
Immobilizer for theft, abandonment or delayed loan payments.

Boat Monitoring and Remote Control

Engines, batteries, sensors and equipment

[Tracking included]

Monitor engines, batteries and multi-sensors: temperature, fire/smoke, door entry, bilge water …
Switch batteries, lights, Air Condition, pumps, recall lights or sirens on/off by remote.
Extend monitoring to jetski, tender and workforce by electronically tying them to the main vessel and receive alerts when they detach with Dynamic Ties Control.
All data like events, alarms, hours, speed, position, etc. are registered into the cloud for the last 36 months, to aggregate and report statistics with an effective dashboard.


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Customize DOTMobile around your needs and budget.
Select between:
- cost-effective yearly PLAN or
- top flexible PAYperUSE for seasonal business or on demand use

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